Friday, December 09, 2011

Count down to Crossover Part 4: The pitch

So here we are at the end of Countdown but hopefully the beginning of something great:

Now whether Crossover comes into being or not is kind of in your hands. As you will have no doubt noticed there are links here to our Kickstarter page where we look to raise the funds to complete the sculpting and casting of our initial release. There are a number of different levels of support with incentives at each level to say thank you to those of you who donate. There's plenty more I could tell you here but as you're going to check out the Kickstarter page you don't need to read it all twice do you?

You are going to check out the Kickstarter page, right? Yeah thought so, cheers.

Help us to bring Crossover to life, this could be the start of something pretty cool.


PS: Here's that link for ya: Crossover Miniatures Superhero range Kickstarter project.


MikeH said...

hi Soap's looks like you've been busy, good luck with the new venture hope it makes you a mint.
have you thought about speaking to Crooked Dice? as I can see your minis fitting in with the whole 7TV vibe

WarRaptor said...

Oh hell yeah Soapy. Ive thought for a long time there was a market here, and you are tackling it in a perfect way! Im going over to back right now!

The Haggis said...

Thanks WarRaptor! We hope there lots of other like minded folks out there!