Monday, March 26, 2007

Run Forest, run!

A few new sculpts for the Welsh. We like a bit of charging. Pict king on chariot set is nearly finished and thankfully no longer looks like a Batman and Robin tribute band. Charging Picts and all the cavalry are (still) underway and should debute at the ever popular Salute.

I'm off to play toy soldiers tonight. Chum Bungle is premiering his Imperial Romans so I'm going to graciously allow him to trounce my Iraurian Byzantines. At least I hope I am. It's often the case that when I decide to take it easy and give a buddy a sure win everything seems to go my way and I end up with a mighty slaughter. Funny that, more often than not my plans go awry and I loose big time, maybe I should try to throw all my games.

Anyway, time ticks on and the bus won't wait. See you soon.


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