Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bloggin across the union!


I'm still on strike and it fantastic! I've done bugger all for 2 days and I'm......oh... god... I'm so bored. Whilst not overtly pimping for work I've already sent the Beasty boys three e-mails trying to subtly get a handle on my up-coming projects and, don't tell them but I've started work on the Saxons. Don't worry, it won't last. There is always that odd bit half way through when the clothes are done and I'm faced with straps, buckles, hair, fingers and all that malarky and I suddenly lose all interest. Then I'll bunk off for a bit and end up doing the painting I need to get done for rapidly aproaching tournaments. Which leads, by convenient segue, into the point of my post.

I visit a few forums on a daily basis (as do most people I would imagine) and some blogs too. I thought I share some of my daily visits. These are mostly related to miniature design or miniature painting. They give a pretty good geographic spread across the UK too.

So starting down south we have the one non gaming blog I visit. Coming attcha outta kent:
Dan Abnetts blog

Featuring sneaky info on upcoming writing projects and populated by a rabid bunch of frothing fanboy readers (including me)

Next up of in Welsh Wales sculpting chum:
Musketeer Bill

Another show and tell of the daily grind of a struggling sculptor. Go Bill!

Working our way across back into the midlands we have painting guru:
Dave Woodwoodwoodwoodwoodwood(it ends some where but I never know when to stop typing)

Dave's continuing struggle to run his happy home, paint many many toy soldiers and manage a footy team or two. And the odd piccy of a foxy sister-in-law.

Up a bit to Stockton-on-Tees and we meet:
The old man of the mountain

Been quiet lately. Another sculptor and painter fighting to make a living in the big bad world. I havn't heard from him in a while so he may have lost the battle ;>) Tidyfiguremaker update your blog!

And that takes us up into the frozen north and the tenuous link to my busy painting schedule comment:
The Wabit painting challenge

Darrell, much like the Bandit, has a long way to go and a short time we get there. We gonna see if he can do what can't be done! Painting a Byzantine army in five weeks. Good luck to him.

Right then, I'm off to relax and have martini ........oh who am I kidding I'm gonna go and work on some damn Saxons and we all know it! Fooey!

Stay lucky,


Toymachine said...

Hi Soaps! Nice blog.

Nice models too. Wierd and wonderful, theirs no funner (if thats a word) style. Liked the grey Knight and the terminator under it. I laughed when i saw the chaos-stubber-on-wheels thingy.


Soapy said...

Well, it's a living. Or at least that's what I call it!

Cheers mate,

Bill T said...

That's the trouble with trying to take time off when you sculpt for a living. You just end up doing what you enjoy doing and go back and sculpt something.
I'll be watching your progress with the Saxon for blatant copy write infringements! :oD

ivar said...

been sorking on the saxons thats great got any pictures:-)

Soapy said...

I am currently waiting on my operative, in deep cover within the hallowed halls of historical academia, to get back to me with all the vital details I need for the Saxons.

Currently they are little more than posed dollies with a bit of filler for the tunics. Piccies soon. Pomise.

Stay lucky,

ivar said...

well just let me know if you need the councle of a know it all amature darkage fanatic and big thug

Soapy said...

Sounds like you're talking about Darren from GB! :>)

He's been know to swing a dane-axe from time to time and was in the saxon lines at the big Hastings do last year. I take it you enjoy laying about you with a dangerous amount of sharp(ish) metal as well?

Anyway, the mole is still in deep cover. I think the secret police may be on to him so he's running silent. I'll be checking the dead letter drop later this evening. I hope they haven't got him...