Friday, April 06, 2007

Cor blimey guvnor!

So I was putting it off and putting it off and finally I've had to make a start on the Pict cavalry. Damn fool. I should never have left it so late. 10 days to get 24 cavalry figures finished. Night. Mare.

So five days in and it all seems to be going okay. Appart from the 14 hour days that is. Now you have to bear in mind that I'm generally a bone idol get and anything more than about four hours a day and I'm putting in for overtime. Luckily the wifes been on nights so at least it's been quiet.

Damn Salute.

After the weekend I'll post a progress shot. I reckon I'll have at least half of them finished. Good incentive to keep working over the weekend. Joy.

Then I'm going on strike. Or bunking off if you prefer. What with the WPS Club challenge, WHW weekend, Salute, Conflict south, some other tourney I've got myself into and my first wedding anniversary coming up over the next six to eight weeks I'm gonna use cunning misdirection and all of my guile to keep the Beast boys off my scent whilst I have a jolly good time playing games and painting my toy soldiers. Proper joy.

Thereafter it's back to the mondo grind and on with the early Saxons. I'm not letting Bill over at Musketeer get his range out so I can pinch all his cool ideas. Honest. (Really Bill, I'm not. ;>])

Right back to the Picts.

Stay lucky,


Bill T said...

Well if it makes you feel better I have just as many Saxons to finish by the end of next week. And thats just the infantry!! Look on the bright side Soaps, you don't have to then mold, clean, re-mold and cast the buggers after you made them. Don't you just love this job! :o)

Soapy said...

The race is on!

Good luck with yours Bill. Looks like I might even have my lot finished by Tuesday. As you say, all I need to do is post mine off whereas your work continues. I feel your pain.

See you in a couple of weeks,

Soapy said...

Thank the Lord and pass the gravy they're done!

It's 0359 and I'm ready for my pit but they're done. Lets just hope I don't oversleep and miss the Post office tomorrow...

Now officially skiving!