Tuesday, September 18, 2007


So it's been a month then. Doesn't time fly when you are ignoring your duties and living the high life on the Aegean.

So when last we chatted I was off to chum Howard's wedding to celebrate his nuptials and have a shoofty at the finished cake toppers. Due to a slight breakdown in communication, which I will blame on either the groom or the painter, the brides neck was painted flesh colour rather than as the neck protector she was wearing in the reference photos. Because of this she did appear to have a touch of the bull neck but all in all they looked great. The wife gave me a good slap for not providing any business cards to put along side the cake as she seemed to feel that based on the number of enquires and compliments I could have paid off her next four years of fees with the commissions generated. I feel she may have been too long at the rum that evening, anyway here is a picture of the finished article.

So with the wedding firmly under our belts the wife and I buggered off to Crete for a week to soak up the sun and unwind (what with my lifestyle being so hectic and everything...). Unfortunately the wife has been brought up on exciting sightseeing holidays and was unfamiliar with the concept of vegging out thus on day 2 I was dragged off to see the oldest palace in Europe and then do some nic-nac shopping in Heraklion. Now I'm sorry but I had to go through this so you do to. If no-one but me ever sees these pictures then the near dehydration I suffered will have been for nought. Gird your loins and prepare for...HOLIDAY SNAPS!

The oldest throne in Europe at Knossos

Europe's oldest staircase at Knossos
Some old fort that was used by the Turks to bang up the natives back in the 'good old days' at Heraklion.

After this trial I struck upon a winning formula. Firstly insert the wife into nearby body of water such as pool:
Other pool:
Or better yet, sea:
repair to the nearest sun lounger or shady spot (during the heat of the afternoon), relax and enjoy a good book, the refreshing beverage of your choice (chosen from a list nailed to the bar) and the chance to smoke as many fags as possible before the lungs implode. To be honest that is always the best thing about foreign travel for me. Unlike the here, fags abroad are often priced to the meanest pocket and so can be enjoyed almost to the point of excess. Although of course I had to return to the smoke free shores of Blighty when my week was up I can assure you that my sack was positively bulging with all the varied wealth of Crete's finest tobacconists.

Since my return I have been banging out the Saxons like there's no tomorrow. I've managed to send off a whole batch of greens without taking any photos but allow me to entertain you with a snap of one of the chaps I'm still working on. I know one photo seems a bit mean but in a reckless attempt to boost by post count I shall be putting up a photo of a new WIP every now and then across the next couple of weeks.
This is a chap from the Duguth 'Casualties and killers pack' look out for more in the days to come. I must say I've rather enjoyed the casualties and killers packs, depicting grizzly murder and trophy taking in miniature is rather fun and provides a nice chance to play around that you don't get with a typical rank and file figure.

The first wave has also hit the Beasty web shop and were apparently selling before the pictures of the packs were even up! Between close of business Monday and start of business Tuesday there had already been a few hundred quids worth of sales on the seven codes currently available. Thanks for waiting folks, I'm glad you like them.

And finally....
Uncle Dick it seems may not in fact be dying. I got back from holiday to find that the diagnosis of the big C may have been somewhat premature. After extensive testing and 'a mighty sore ring' (to quote Uncle D) there has been a revision of his prospects. Apparently it's still potentially fatal but not necessarily cancer. I was getting the story second hand from the mother in law and the bit she seemed keenest on was visiting vengeance in the form of litigation against the doc who broke the news. I'm not sure I agree. Dick seems keen to chalk it up to experience and get on with his treatment but his wife my have other ideas. If anyone (other than the family Dick) cares then I'll keep you posted.

Right I'm offski. If you're going to Games Day then come along to the Lugge Vale game and say hello.

Stay lucky,


Bill T said...

An update at last!!! :o)

Glad you had a good holiday matey as with your lifestyle you needed it. :o)

The Saxons are looking good and I've already spoken to Darren about having some to mix in with my lot! The Killer packs are a great idea.

Dave said...

Yes more updates on Uncle Dick, seems a fine chap.

Oh yeah figs look nice too

Dave said...

Oooo almost forgot, where does that ice hockey team play out of then?

I'd had an idea for a similar commission, but Hels would just need the shirt sculpting on to be honest, seems much easier than doing the pads & stuff.

Soapy said...

They probably play out of Disneyland Paris. I think it's a Disney 'Pluto's Ice hounds' shirt. That is based purely on what I can get from the photo.

Jen was (is?) a field hockey player as far as I know.

Oh, and I look forward to you advancing me the reference photos for your commission. Three or four hundred would suffice...

Dave said...

Righto, I obviously need to get the camera battery charged & a case of vino in for the....erm shoot