Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ho Ho Ho etc...


Bloody Christmas.

As I was making him I got the impression that was exactly the thought going through the head of the Mounted Saxon Wiglera, it was certainly going through mine. Anyway, here is the first of a set of pictures of the Mounted Saxon characters.

Enjoy Christmas.....or whatever.


Stay lucky,


Bill said...

Very nice mate. What have you used for his hair? It looks black!

Have a good Christmas anyhoo! :o)

Soapy said...

Yeah I've been experimenting with black Miliput.

I often mix other stuff with the procreate especially when I'm doing bulk work or back fill. I had been doing some stuff on other figures and had putty left over so I used it to do his hair.

By the way the black Miliput is a bit too powdery and I still prefer A+B putty or standard Miliput for mixing, it makes life a lot easier if I need to file or scrape smooth to make a hard surface.

Anyway, that was a bit of a longer answer than the question needed but there you go!


Lord S said...

Yuletide Felicitations and this and that.

Dave said...

What ho!

He's stonkingly good young Soapy.

Pip, pip & a ho ho ho to you & your wench