Wednesday, June 18, 2008

WW1, Finishing touches to wave one.


Not much to say this time round just a bunch of pictures of stuff I'm doing this week.

British and Empire trench catapult.

Ottoman trench catapult. Both of these sets are now finished and dispatched for moulding but I never got round to photographing the finished sets, D'oh!

Ottoman HMG, all done and sent off for casting.

British and Empire HMG also sent off.

Ottoman casualty sets, already a bit further along.

British and Empire casualty sets also a bit further along.

Right, I'll get back to it.

Stay lucky,


Anonymous said...

Nice work Soaps!

It's great seeing some thought being produced for this range.

Just finished the last of my ANZAC officers and Freebie. Will have up on LAF shortly!

Mike said...

beautiful work mate

looking forward to getting my hands on these

richard said...

I really like the wounded figures