Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Big up yourself part II: Revenge of the wedding cake!


In a break from the norm I'm back and bloggin' again as my dull existance rolls ever onwards into tedium while the wife jets about having a whale of a time.

So second year of medical school is over and the wife is now a third year med student (bravo wife and all that). Seeing as it's the summer holidays she has decided that a bit of gadding about is in order and so has been flitting around our islands nearest neighbours. First off she went for a week of work over Jersey way. She seemed to enjoy herself and by the look of things a further week of freedom will ensue for me later in the month. Last weekend she was away to Ireland for a bit of Shammrock hunting with her relatives and despite a distressing afternoon visiting an elderly relative in a hospice she and her folks all seemed to enjoyed themselves. The unfortunate byproduct of the trip is that she got a top up at the old Blarney stone and so is now at the hight of her gasbagging powers. Frankly I can't wait for her to get back to school and it seems she can't either. Having looked at the clinical expectations for the end of year 3 she has discovered that, thanks to her stint as an ITU nurse she has all the skills already. It seems she is looking forward to a bit of payback from those science geeks who mocked her through years 1+2. Now is the time of the clinician! Bwa ha ha ha ha!

So the other week the wife dragged me along to yet another bloody wedding and once more it meant that I would miss the annual trip to Lord S's Scottish retreat. With all due dread and expectation the wife and I boarded the train and wound our way down to Baker street. Not only was I a +1 at this do but, once again I was providing the cake toppers. I was instructed by the wife ages ago that I was to be providing this service but didn't actually bother to start the job until the week before. The planning stage in these things is of course long and complex. That and I'm lazy...

I decided to go for something a bit more realistic this time and attempted to drag myself away from 28mm proportions (which shouldn't be any different from true proportions but in practice are). It all ended up getting a bit epic and the figures finished up being about 150mm tall. As you can see I'm still in big hand land but overall they came out okay.
Pat and Faye, medical student and nurse, and yes those are real specs.
Here's Pat's to do list. Even at 1mm high my penmanship is atrocious...

Everyone seemed happy with the figures although as ever I balls-ed up the wifes face. I'm going to have to have a bit more practice with lady shapes. At least she doesn't have too wacky a body shape which makes a nice change for a female model I've made. The wedding went off without a hitch and it looks like Pat will be able to tick off box 4. Congratulations you two.

Fortunately there are no photos on my camera of me dancing but it seems that somewhere on facebook there are shots of me throwing shapes and 'aving it large. Apparently. It seems though that I was caught on camera enjoying a hand held light show courtesy of this young lady. Ahhh bless.

And that's about it. Despite accumulating yet another cake topper commission (unrelated to the wedding) life proceeds at my usual less that break neck pace with the only event on the horizon being a jumbo 40k apocalypse blow out on the bank holiday.

For those of you that are here for the business business keep your eyes peeled soon for previews of the new WW1 Brits and Turks and maybe even a gun crew or two. If you're good.

Stay lucky,

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