Thursday, March 05, 2009

TWDC Lord S' Hunting chaps for Salute

With a bit of luck these should be ready for Salute.

Back when TWDC started Lord S demanded that I get to work on a set of chaps for his personal collection. A year later and the first set are finally ready...

Chaps at the Hunt.

Toff in (Natty) Alpine hat

Toff at the Grouse


Baxter and Bess


Mike said...

Soapy what are you doing to me, this is another set I am going to have to buy

Bill T said...

Spiffing!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Soapy,

Great stuff, an I know there would be some folks on the LAF who will be very interested in this series.


Fraxinus said...

Baxter & Bess superb sculpt 'Tally ho & Peasants...err pheasants for T'

Stephen said...

I don't know what's happened - leave the site alone for a few days and you suddenly start churning them out. Great stuff!

Tidyfiguremaker said...

Spot on those Soapy, very nice clean sculpts, well posed. You should be very proud of those.

Anonymous said...

Great Figures, Have just pro-ordered them.

Look forward to some more figures for this range.