Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I lost the joy.


Last week I lost the joy, sculpting started to feel like a real chore. Now the blog, of late, may suggest that I have been idle since before Salute but I have in fact been ploughing on with my tasks. In the works I have:

French Infantry
French Bombers
French NCOs
Indian Infantry
Indian Bombers
Indian NCOs
Brits in KD Infantry
Brits in serge HMG team
Loads of new heads including:
Aussie slouch hats (flap up)
Aussie Light horse slouch hat with plume
Wolesley helmets with sun shades
Brody helmet with neck flap
Soft cap with havelock
Cap comforters and balaclavas
Bare and wounded heads
Various Scots head dress
Chasseur Alpine beret
Asien corp Seabattalion style helmet
German helmet and gasmask
German helmet

So yeah, I've been busy. Along with all of that I'm juggling projects from three or four other interested parties and actually having to act almost as if I'm really in bussiness.

And then on Saturday I lost the joy and really couldn't face the putty. I sat and stared at all of the 'in progress' stuff on the desk and realised that I have absolutely no interest in finishing any of them, I'm just not interested. So I gave up. Sod it, it was the weekend after all. I took, as men in these days so often do, to the internet and started browsing around for something to interest me. Now, this is not some subtle way of telling you that I spend the day browsing for porn, if I had then believe me, I'd tell you. I have no shame. No, instead I was looking at my favorite miniatures and action figure sites and enjoying the various paintjobs, conversions and customs that had been put up for consideration. It was quite a good morning actually, I had fun and started to feel the urge to sculpt, not do any work of course just to sculpt something for fun. So I did.

I might even find a production slot for these badboys at some point in the future. If you recognise the inspiration for my Saturdays afternoon of entertainment (okay, Saturday afternoon and most of Sunday morning) then rejoice! If not then you are too old/young/mentally stable.

I think I've found the joy again now and I may even rouse myself to a bit of work this week. Maybe.

Stay lucky,


Anonymous said...

Hi Soapy,

Nice list of WW1 goodies.

Are the French for all periods?

Love your spacemen, reminds me of the UFO series I recently just watched.

Stay lucky and best regards,


Giles said...

More Action Force goodies?

Anonymous said...

If you don’t feel like sculpting then don’t. If you force yourself in anyway, your work will look like cr*** and you will see no satisfaction in it. The best thing is to do exactly what you did. Take a step back, rest and change your mind. I’m really, really, really eager to see the French and other WWI goodies but I prefer to wait and see your work’s best than having figures that are so, so. In a word, keep sculpting for fun! That’s always your best bet and we, the wargamers/collectors can enjoy some of the best figures around then.


Neldoreth said...

Kudos on the space men. You are quite the sculptor to start and finish those in what? Three days? Inspiring man, inspiring. And I love the 60s/70s sci-fi cheese of those spacemen!


Mark Hargreaves said...

Soapy...to raise your spirits and show that we appreciate your work, there's a little message on my blog for you. http://over-open-sights.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

Fantastic spaceforce troopers
are they actually going to be available to buy?

Anonymous said...


Just got the Space Troopers from Gripping Beast - excellent!

Any chance you could be persuaded to do a few more (NCO, Squad Support Weapons (SAW and Missil Launcher) and No2s for each.

(I don't want much!)


Tom C said...

Now if you could do these in 15mm, there would be a lot of happy campers. The 28's are the bomb.

Robbert said...

Oh yes, oh yes! please add a few more sculpts..

RTO w. long range communicator
bareheaded troopers

female crew

Sky Marshall Zaychek said...

These are excellent! Takes me back. Really impresses how you managed to make something so different from anything out there. For someone that has had those figures as an inspiration for my own project- I have to know- how the hell did you make 'em? Are these in the same scale as WH40K if so... you may have a huge market opening up for you there man. Good job anyways.