Friday, December 18, 2009

Enter the loop here.


Well it's all been a bit quiet around here this year hasn't it? As most of you will know I had a right old moody earlier in the year and just forgot how to enjoy sculpting. I started out 2009 in a pretty good place, cracking on and producing loads of goodies. Unfortunately I burned myself out good and proper and started way more models that I could reasonably expect to finish, reasonably by my usual standards anyway. After Salute, yes it was that long ago, I decided to have a bit of a breather and relax for a while, then I kicked back for a while longer and then I decided to paint an army or two. Months later and the new stuff I started before Salute was still sitting there on my desk, their little tin eyes staring at me. Okay the figures were all headless but I'd started loads of new WW1 heads and they were all staring at me, accusing, waiting and slowly making me hate them.

After a couple of months I was really resenting them for still being on my table. Somewhere around August I managed to get the heads finished up and sent off so at least it was just a bunch of headless dudes accusing me now. Bastards.

Sculpting was now a bit of a chore as I knew I couldn't do anything new until I finished the chaps that were waiting and so I did nothing, for ages.

Then I did my sci-fi nonsense and suddenly it was almost okay again. I hid the half finished figures and did something else out of left field. Morris dancers. I know, right? I think it did the trick though coz then I did some armed Morris men (pics from the Beast soon) and some character packs for the Woodbine Brits and Turks and then I revisited the balance of the French section pack and finished them in one sitting! All of the above are with, or in transit to, the Beasty boys and should be making an appearance sometime in the not too distant. The sculpting schedule is full and I even have plans for some more 'Lord S 1930s madness' packs that I will have to fit in somewhere without Darren finding out until they are done. That and the extra pack of sci fi oddness that I've been working on on and off since the last lot came out, but again, don't tell Darren.

So anyway having rehashed the contents of my last eight months of blogs and provided you with absolutely zero proof that anything I've said is true I'm going to get back to work. I may even dig out the half finished balance of the Indian section pack whilst I'm on a finish what you started kick. That would mean I'd have to sideline the ANZAC battalion command pack that I'm doing this week. Hmmm, decisions decisions...

Stay lucky and don't eat yellow snow,

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Season greetings to you and your family and the very best for 2010.