Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I missed my birthday!

So this old blog of mine rolls into it's third year and I think I can safely say that the year just gone was indeed the terrible twos. What a shockingly small body of work I have to show for the last 12 months. It's been so bad that things in the 'need to finish' pile from last years birthday post are still in it now although progress is being made and I've revisited all of my half done stuff and added at least something to them to bring them nearer to the finish.

Currently on the table are an ANZACs battalion command group and some French Bombers, Officers and NCOs for the Gallipoli range along with the balance of the Indian troops section pack. The sculpting schedule is full of interesting stuff for the next two months with a whole new set of subjects in the offing.

I'll put up some pictures of the new stuff as they are completed but I won't be showing off everything as I'll leave some of the new sculpts to be shown off in the GB newsletter for which you can sign up here (side panel on the right!).

So on to the boring stats, starting with sculpting output.

Full sculpts: 90
Conversions: 81
Heads, bits and accessories: 103

Absolutely awful considering I was aiming at something like 250 as a baseline. Just shows how badly my funk set in this past year. New years resolution, work more.

Blog stats:
18,399 visits from
7,156 unique visitors.
53 Followers and
78 subscribers to my feed

Most visits in 1 day:
299 on Thursday 5th March (TWDC Chaps)
284 on Tuesday 7th July (Broom Riders)
274 on Wednesday 8th July (Broom Riders again)
257 on Thursday 12th February (Combat stress)

Average daily views: 44

Top 5 referring sites:
Gripping Beast 3,585
Musketeer Miniatures 1,419
Lead Adventures Forum 1,253
Frothers 884
Dave Woodwards blog 688

Top 5 viewing nations (including top viewing city):
UK 9,606
(London 4,032)
US 2,422
(Sacramento 197)
Germany 871
(Munich 407)
France 816
(Paris 254)
Australia 762
(Melbourne 342)

Curious search terms that have led people to my blog...:
Deep tissue blister 8
no cointreau for old men 4
soapy sex 4 (lower than I expected)
"harry potter" kojak 3
I lick and take it 1
can I wocha vido of panting 1
elijah wood 1
goodly painted necron lord 1
naked and soapy 1
revenge for cake in the face wedding 1
should my 2 year old play outside in the snow 1
soapy fanny pics 1 (just 1, I'm suprised...)
soapy porn 1 (again...)
what are the layers of the sun and explain what happens in each layer 1

Funny what can take you to a wargamers blog innit?

Anyway, that me for another year so I'll be off to try and make 2010 a bit more entertaining.

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