Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lunchtime challenge.

As I had nothing to do for a hour this lunchtime I decided to set my self a challenge, could I convert one of my WW1 French infantrymen into a 4ok Death Korp of Krieg Guardsman. I toddled of for a grilled cheese sandwich (it was lunchtime after all) and a quick think about how to do it. Once I'd decided what I'd do I started the clock and began.

1. Snip barrel of rifle and replace with plastic rod. Cut rod to 'lasgun' angle and run a file around the bottom to create the groove. 2 mins.

2. Cut a small piece of thin plasticard, score and glue to shoulder. 1 min.

3. Stick on French pack (Master casting for upcoming WW1 french) and entrenching tool (that I had lying around). 1 min

4. Take WW1 German helmet with gasmask head (master casting for upcoming head sprue so it was a little large for the figure) trimm off filter, file and drill to accept length of plastic rod for air hose. Glue in place. 6 mins.

5. Bulk out collar and cuffs, add eagle and central vane to helmet and tidy up face mask and shoulder pad all using green stuff. 8 mins.

6. Stick to GW base. 1 min.

7. Flat colours paint job. 28 mins.

8. Devlan mud wash all over. 4 mins.

9. Sand the base. 2 mins.

10. Ink the base. 2 mins.

I came back to it at tea time and drybrushed and flocked the base.

So there you go, a passable approximation of a Death Korp of Krieg guardsman from casting to colour in just under an hour. It's kinda rough and there are a few things I'd adjust or take more care over if I were to do any more but at least I know it sort of works. I'd been wanting to scratch this itch for a while now and I'm pretty pleased with the results.

Stay lucky,


Mr.Esty said...

I love it!

Mike said...

really nice mate

now if you could cast a few up and flog them as sci-fi troopers in gas masks I'll buy a 100

Anonymous said...

Neat work Soapy on the trooper.


Stephen said...

Nice job

RonSaikowski said...