Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Making Faces: Brows and eyes

The brows fore head and eyes are formed from a single blob of green.
PIC 1) Place it on the top of your piece just above the score line. Smooth it out to form the forehead area.
PIC 2) Using your sculpting tool push a thin strip into the scored area. Your blob of green stuff will look a bit like robocop.
PIC 3) Push the centre and edge of the scored section in so you have two areas standing proud. Shape these as shown to form the eyes. At the moment they are standing proud of the 'face' but when we add the cheekbones and jaw they'll
end up being recessed.
PIC 4) Push
the main body of the forehead in a bit so that the areas just above the eyes standout a bit and form eyebrows.

All of this took longer to type (and probably longer to read) than to do. A little later I may go back and, when they are mostly cured, adjust the shapes of the brow ridges and refine the eye shapes.

Next: Cheekbones and Jaw.


Bill T said...


Can you give us some tips on how you do scale armour, especially the rounded type. Your is rather nice and I'm crap at it to honest.


Soapy said...

No problem. Expect to see a tutorial in the near future. Problem is its one of those 'just sorta do it' type things so it may not be entirly crear what the hell I'm going on about but I'll give it a go.