Friday, February 02, 2007

Making Faces: Chins, cheeks and mouth

PIC 1) Start once more with the inevitable blob of goo this time applied to the face below the eyes.
PICs 2+3) By running your sculpting tool around the eyes ensure there is a definate ridge that forms the cheekbones at this stage aswell square off the sides of the face. Push the excess goo away to form the lower jaw. Push the cheeks in towards where the nose will eventually be and flatten off the front of the blob to form a sort of muzzle.
PIC 4) About halfway down the muzzle push in two parallel lines. These will form the mouth and lower lip.
PIC 5)Push in the sides of the materiel between the parallel lines and blend the edges. You should now have a small rectangle to represent the lower lip. There we go, stage three is complete and all that remains is the nose.

Stay tuned.

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