Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Making Faces: Noses

Final phase.
PIC 1) Take a teeny tiny blob of green and place it in the the nose hole.
PIC 2) Blend the two sides into the cheeks and around the eye sockets.
PIC 3) Using a sharp knife cut the blob to length using two cuts to form a kind of point. As you make these cuts it will naturally push the soft goo outwards causing it to flare slightly and become nose shaped. Magic!
PIC 4) Flatten off the tip of the nose and then poke in the nostrils. Job jobbed.

All of this work was done using a flat chisel size 0 clay shaper with a size 0 angle chisel used to do the nostrils.

As requested next tutorial will be scale armour.



Bill T said...

I liked the way you did the nose. Always the biggest pain for me when doing faces. I'll give it a go! :o)

Soapy said...

Cheers mate. Good luck with your attempts!


Tidyfiguremaker said...

Nice to see that someone else is doing a sculpting blog too. I'll keep following your site to see what's new. Looking good so far.

Soapy said...

Cheers, and another blog for me to follow.