Friday, May 18, 2007

As Bill quite subtly pointed out.......

It's been a quiet week.

To be honest I haven't really done much of anything. The army is finally painted, I've read all my books and I think I've become far too acustomed to sitting around and not doing a lot. Where previously I had been gagging to get on with the saxons and resented the painting that needed doing now I find myself feeling all lethargic and unwilling to start anything.

If this week had been a bit quieter on the other job front (did I mention I had a real job too?) I might have been able to get the creative juices flowing, that and the weather hasn't helped. It's been piddling down everytime I've had to go out and when I get home all I want to do is get warm and dry. Now suddenly I have a bit of time to get a proper lead in on what needs doing and it's like an oven! Sometimes it's hell being one o these tempremental artistic types ;>)

Seeing as I have nothing of any substance to say, and that I have already resorted to the weather I shall regale you with the subject of a fantastic row the wife and I had this week. It was one of those odd ones where we started commenting on something on the news, each took a point of view neither of us cared about overly much and then started tearing strips out of each other in defence of said views.

Anyway this argument, long and meandering as it was started about some gene therapy for cancer and ended up encompassing the whole of human existence. The wife's chosen corner was that people are too selfish. Instead of letting relatives die they insist on long painful and expensive treatments so that they don't have to face grieving their death. By some leap of logic which I couldn't follow her argument went on to tell me why it was the likes of me who were responsible for all of the countries woes and that I should get of my backside and do a proper 9 to 5 job so that we could enjoy our free time. I said she was wrong.

I said mankind was killing itself by allowing too many people loads of spare time to fill with the accumulation of stuff meaning loads of stuff was needed to fill that spare time meaning loads of factories were producing stuff meaning loads of electricity was being used meaning loads of nasty stuff was going into the atmosphere meaning loads people were getting ill meaning loads of money was spent curing them meaning loads of charities needed to supply extra money to support research and treatment of these illnesses meaning loads of people gave their spare money to these charities meaning they didn't have enough money to spend on the stuff they needed to fill their spare time meaning they took out loans and used credit to buy their stuff meaning they were in even more debt long term meaning big chunks of their earnings went to huge corporations meaning the corporations could hire top executives who got huge bonuses that they didn't want to pay much tax on so that government couldn't afford to run the country and help people overseas which meant people in the poorest nations either starved or went to work in factories that made stuff to fill our spare time. She told me not to be such a nob and that maybe I should take a breath on occasion. To this I had no defence. So I said her hair looked terrible. Then it really got going. The argument continued for about an hour until we'd worn ourselves out and then we just sat and glared at each other or pointedly ignored one another for the rest of the evening.

Strangely though, everything feels fine now and we are getting along wonderfully. I think the wife's latest exam results finally coming in may also have something to do with:
A) Why we haven't had another fight
B) How I still have the possibility of fathering children after that hair comment.

But apart from that I really haven't done much of anything this week.

Stay lucky,


Dave said...

Oh but Soaps u were so in the right......she had that a coming lol

Thought the hair thing was taking it way too far tho' wars have started over less.


Bill T said...

Yeah, I agree. The hair thing was a dangerous path to take. A bit like trying to diffuse and bomb with a mallet. Glad your still with us :o)

Stephen said...

I'm probably more in agreement with your wife here Soapy. The surface compassion of relatives all too often masks a stronger fear of grieving. Which itself hides a big yearning doubt as to 'what is it all about'.

Having said that your argument was not too disimilar in that you highlighted the harmful effects of too much time available to too many and how they bury themselves in all manner of distractions rather than think about 'what is it all about?'

I'm still not sure where you getting a '9 to 5' job comes in? Come to think of it, I'm not sure about the 'hair thing' either :)

Great new designs. Take it easy though, designing for a living is not easy - as I'm sure you've learnt :)

God Bless,