Friday, May 11, 2007

Return of the Weekend Warrior UPDATED

This weekend I'm of to Beast towers to take part in a Flames of War tourney called Childsplay. I'm only going to make up the numbers so with a bit of luck I'll win this one too! The more likely outcome, based on past performance is that I'll be mooshed. Having said that, of the four of five FoW games I've played so far I have won around half including a memorable win against Eds McDonald's GT winning army, the day after the GT. Anyway, gaming is afoot so I'll let you know.

This blogging malarkey really changes your perception of time, especially when people are waiting to see new sculpts. Here's me wanting to update the blog, which I foolishly called Soapy's Workshop, and I go and go on strike. Just a case of bad timing really but it does mean that for the next couple of entries the greens drought will continue. The good news is that my tourney army is all but finished so hopefully next week I'll be making a proper start on the Saxons and, although there will be nothing finished to show you I can update you on their progress. Throughout the summer, pending the authorisation of the Beast, there will be plenty of shots of the Saxon, Frank and Romano British new stuff. I believe there are even some Irish bits going in there too. It's gonna be a long hot summer of chainmail for yours truly but for now it's gonna be a bit light on the mini pics. Sorry.

Right, I've got Space marine scouts to varnish, I can't be hanging around here flapping my gums.

Quick update!!!
So far I've played two and lost two. Bang goes the winning streak...
Final update for saturday:
Went into the final game on the bottom table and came out with a stonking victory, huzzah! Most memorable moment was having a platoon of shermans pop out of ambush ans dust 3 panthers in one fell swoop. After that it was just a matter of mopping up.
Anyway, big doubles game tomorrow. Off for a curry now.

Stay lucky,


Bill T said...

Sounds like fun. I've had a bottle of Red and eurovision! I'm heading up your way next year. :o(

Bill T said...

Still doing no work then??

Bill T said...