Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Another week, another mould...


So for the second time in two weeks I've sent off a mould of Saxons to the Beast. This weeks offering is the last two packs of Geoguth, the young chaps and the 'casualties and killers' pack, and the first two packs of Duguth, the attacking and the charging varieties. No photos this time as I massively over slept and had to pack them up a bit rapid before I left for work.

Right, thats the bussiness done with and so on to the pointless drivel.

Last Tuesday was my 33rd birthday and the wife was disinclined to let it slip by unrecorded. The great thing (sorry, one of the great things) about my wife is that she thinks that if it's your birthday you should behave as if you're 7 coz that's how she's gonna treat you. I was woken up with the ever popular 'happy birthday' and a pile of birthday cards. After breakfast there was a pile of pressies to open and lo and behold they were all toys! Not a practical grown up present amongst them. Awesome.
I got back from work to find the mansion flat festooned with baloons and 'happy birthday' banners. I was half expecting all my school friends to turn up with their mums for my party. Thankfully she didn't go that far but there was a cake. An Optimus Prime cake. With candals.

Here is me cutting the cake. Sorry about the partial nudity, I may need a larger t-shirt...

In the evening it was a special treat and a trip to the cinema. We saw Shrek. Not bad and thankfully you don't need to actually be seven to enjoy the gags. After the film it was revealed that the birthday fun was not over and that she had secured tickets for the new Harry Potter on Thursday evening. That was pretty good too. Anyway after a very 'jelly and ice cream' type day I finally got treated like a grown up as the clock struck midnight. Okay my birthday was officially over but this was the bit I had been looking forward to all day. I'll stop there for fear of providing the ever popular 'too much information'. Cue the 'Boom chicka wah wah' music...

Moving swiftly on.

Yesterday was a bit of an odd one. Nothing particularly curious happened but as I run down my day see if you can spot the oddities.

0830 Woke up and had breakfast
0900 Started work
1630 Stopped work
1645 Jumped in the shower
1730 Went down the club (and lost my game but lets not dwell...)
2355 Got home
0005 Finished off the work I'd started earlier
0130 Went to bed

Pretty normal you might think but no! Mine is a rise at luchtime, fanny about for hours then work from midnight 'til 4am lifestyle and putting in a full days work is most unusual. What with that and the nicorettes I'm feeling a bit disjointed at the moment. What? I haven't mentioned the nicorettes? Oh okay, let me explain. ASDA were having a toofa on the old fag patches and lozenges and gum so I picked up a load to give them a go. The lozenges are quite tasty and it means I don't keep getting up for a fag break every hour or so. Don't get me wrong there's no way I'm giving up but these no smoking products are dead handy now the fag Nazis are everwhere. I haven't tried the patches yet but I've got a do in Ireland at the end of the month so I might give it a go and see if the flight and coach trip are any less tedious. Anyway, we'll see.

I'm off to the Beast this weekend for the legendary (aledgedly) Hot Lead event. Saturday evening promises a Ruby with the chaps ready for a solid days gaming on Sunday. To be honest I'm only going to see if Davey Dubbya manages to get Ed's welsh done on time. I can confidently predict extensive blog ridicule should he have failed, bwa ha ha! My sculpting minion, he said desperately wishing he was worthy of a minion... :o( , Chris Vega is apparenty putting in an appearance at the Beast tomorrow in the company of his true dark master Musketeer Bill so there should be plenty of green goodness for me to enjoy examining before they get sent to the casting bods. Full report to follow, assuming I'm not stuck in production meeting s all weekend. (Yeah, I know, sounds quite flash doesn't it. You are clearly unfarmiliar with the Beast's management style...)

Right then, feeling a bit full of myself after finishing off 32 figures over the last seven days I'm ready to tackle those horses. It'll be a nice suprise for Lord S at the weekend.

Oh balls I've spoilt it now.

Yeah, you knew I was pulling your leg didn't you. Here are a couple of shots from the latest packs of Saxons.

First up a 'casualty' Geoguth:
and a 'killer' Geoguth taking a trophy, from the same pack.

As it turns out I did over sleep and had to do the snaps at the hurry up, hence the wanky lighting.

Stay lucky,


WABit said...

Absolutely gorgeous Soapy!! I'm chomping at the bit to see more. Maybe a little peep at Hot Lead is on the cards if you'll excuse the expression. :O)


Soapy said...

Assuming Darren follows established form the 'greens' will be sitting around the Beast for weeks so I'm sure a bit of sweet talk could get you a peek. That's assuming Lord S hasn't been cracking the whip.

I will have the horses with me though. Not very interesting but perhaps a small consolation.

Stay lucky,