Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Can't think of a snappy title.....

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me etc.... 33, sweet bride of christ but I don't feel it.

Anyway, this weekend I finished a job I started a while ago and finished framing up the windows on the mother in law's shed. Then I gave it a quick coat of weatherproofing goo. Still got the fence to do and a bit of a touch up but not all bad. Quite nice to be out in the fresh air and getting a bit of (almost) exercise.

Here is a picture of the shed. Enjoy. It's about the only thing I've painted in a while.
In other news the Geoguth are mostly done and I'm sending off the first moulds worth today. I'm really liking these fellas more and more and have ended up breaking my vow and getting some packs finished before they are all ready. To be honest there is an ulterior motive as I'd quite like to get an army painted up in time for the Warhammer historicals weekend in October. They've all been photographed and the shots have been e-mailed to the Beasty boys. You never know, if you ask nicely they might show them to you. Don't hold your breath though ;>)

After putting up the pictures of the first two horses I lost my bottle and haven't proceeded much with the others but I've started getting the last four horses legs sorted so I can get them sent off and cast up. Again, I might want some for October. Having an army for myself has always been the best motivator for getting things finished so with a bit of luck there should be more news soon.

So what else is on my mind at the moment? Well, smoking for a start. Since this ban has come in it seems that everybody wants to talk about fags. All I have to do is get out my baccy tin and I'm swooped on by people telling me I can't smoke. It's as if even holding it in my hand is the same as smoking. I was sitting in KFC having a healthy snack the other day and after my meal I whipped out my tin to knock up my 'walking to the bus stop post dinner' fag and some old girl rocks up and starts laying into me about how it's illegal. As if you've been able to smoke in a KFC at any point in the last ten years. It gets on my tits, people always going on about how I'm forcing them to breath my smoke. Tossers, I'm not forcing anyone to breath. It's not as if I mind going outside to smoke. I've had to do it almost everywhere (including at home) for ages so I'm not all that bothered, it's just the bleeding moral crusaders who think that smokers can't read a sign or understand a calender. Busy body numpties.

Purging rant over.

Well that's about it then. Nothing else to report. Other than working on the Saxons I've not done anything new and I doubt I'll have much to say until after Hot Lead down at the Beast's lair. I might have the odd Saxon pic though.

Oh yeah, speaking of Saxon pics I present you with an act of defiant rebellion. Don't tell Darren.

Here are a couple of chaps from the Geoguth.

First up its our old friend the Flash:
And a chap from one of the Geoguth command packs:
Stay lucky,


WABit said...

Well Soapy, those little Germanic chaps are looking rather tasty. I expect that there will be a degree of Late Roman influence throughout the Gedriht and Doeguth? Possibly not so much in the Goeguth. Or I could be wrong (not for the first time sadly)?



Bill T said...

Looking tasty Soaps. I like the flash! :o)

Bill T said...

Looking tasty Soaps. I like the flash! :o)

Bill T said...

So good I said it twice! :o)