Saturday, September 29, 2007

McStoney's tale.

I read this on the WAB forum and rather enjoyed it. It doesn't really mean anything but is none the worse for that. Enjoy, and beware the Lords of the North...

"The King sat in silence the only sound from the hall was the Soothsayer Scattering the “Truth” Bones to the floor.
The soothsayer raised his head form the scattered bones “The Beast has risen Lord, it has four parts each must be slain for good to triumph”.
Lord Stone looked upon the Soothsayer “how will we know of the beast and were will we find him” “You will now him lord by his shape and his names the first will be Lord Sherwell he is the Head of the Beast and known to have many armies but leads only one.
The second is giant from the northern land across the seas he is the body of the beast and carries a woad for each victory he has found, Lord Harding.
The third, Prince Soapy is a dandy and a Scop and would claim to have a talent in metal workings and leads an army with a heart of lead, he is truly the heart of the beast.
The last is the Noble Thrall Stewie he is the arm and legs of the Beast and with-out which the beast can do nothing he will be known by the colossal feet and hands with which he works.
Lord they will all be found on the field of battle on the full moon of autumns end at a place south of the wall of Hadrian they call it Nottingham, a shire to the middle of Britain”.
Lord Stone turns to his second in command Lord Dagnall Cadarn “we must prepare, our armies are small and out numbered but we have speed and cunning on our side we have to win” Speak with your brother by marriage Chieftain Jamieson and request of him an army to assist us in this quest.
Lord Dagnall Cadarn was bemused he had received his orders from the King but why was the king being so cautious. Only a few years before Lord Dagnall himself had slain the mightiest of warriors come against him one the Foreigners called “Cid”. It will be the same again thought Dagnall I will not be cautious I will prove these invaders weak my knights will charge and they will fall back to the sea or die were they stand. Lord Dagnall Cadarn called to his messenger go north and seek out my bother in law there are battles to be fought and his help is needed.
The Chief of Clan Jamieson sat at the head of the long table in the meeting house. The messenger was brought before him.
A message my Lord, from Lord Stone and Lord Dagnall Cadarn they would request your assistance and that of as many men as you can muster for a mighty battle south of these borders in a shire of Nottingham.
The Chieftain thought for a moment to go south would mean Beer, Women and a fight all his passions in one place.
“Return to you masters and tell them I will be there at autumns end”.

Stay lucky,

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I never imagined Chris as the poetic type :o)

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