Thursday, September 27, 2007

More toys for the beast and the wifes crack.


Sent off the final load of infantry for the early Saxons today. Here's your sneaky peek. Some of which you've seen before.
Right then that's that out of the way.

In other news whilst rushing to her grandmothers side (after she dislocated her recently installed hip) the wife has managed to fall down the stairs on the 65 bus. Minor damage was sustained to the back of the head, shoulder and knee. The most interesting injury was a cracking bruise at the base of the spine. This would seem to be the outward manifestation of a cracked coccyx. A few x-ray confirmed this and now she's having a hard time sitting down. In case of any litigation I've taken a few shots of her injuries so if you'd like to see the wife's bum make cheques payable to...

The net result of all of this is that I ended up in A+E for hours providing moral support. Anyone who knows me well will realise this was a complete waste of time for all concerned as I lack and kind of sympathetic feeling. I think it was removed at birth. Apart from the not sitting down thing she's coping quite well and enjoying retelling the story of her night in casualty (as a patient for once) and coyly recounting where the young doctor put his finger. Nan and grand-daughter are doing fine.

Right I've got to get back to work. Still on the cards are the Saxon characters and cavalry (always a favorite) and then onto the Frankish chaps. Here are some incredibly unhelpful WIPs.

Stay lucky,


Bill T said...

Looking good. I see Lord S is making you earn your money on these! :oD

Anonymous said...

Your poor wife!! I have a broken coccyx that has plagued me for over six years now. When it starts to hurt I can't sit down, I can't work out and I can't paint!!!

You should check the internet - there are special seats, etc. that can help her.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

The Long Island Gamer

WABit said...


The casualties are magnificent! I'm very, very impressed with the whole Saxon project.

I smell another army coming along....



ivar said...

hey a fat guy here is a reminder of a proper early saxon fat guy looks like ;-)

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Really great work !!!