Thursday, September 20, 2007

Movie morning

So the wife returns from her night shift and wakes me up at 0815 a mere two and a half hours after I went to bed! At least she had the decency to do it with a sausage and bacon roll. Anyway now that I'm quite clearly awake (seeing as I'm demolishing an S+B sarnie) She Who Must decrees that I can 'jolly well bugger orf'(or words to that effect) so she can get some shut eye. Pausing only to brush the crumbs out of bed whilst cursing her parentage to the twelfth generation beneath my breath a adjourned to the recliner for a cup of coffee to help get the creative juices flowing for the day ahead. This did not happen. Instead I decided to see what movies will be forthcoming to delight and entertain over the coming year.

Lets start with historical fantasy shall we...

First up I found a trailer for the, apparently animated, Beowolf. All the caracters seem to look like the people doing the voices except for Ray Winston in the title role. It's a novel approach and if it catches on I can see all sorts of actors getting a digital stand in so they can appear more buff than they really are. Not sure about this one, may wait for the duvada.
Get Beowolf here.

Also in the historical fantasy department I found The Last Legion, an Arthurian origin flick and 10,000 BC which appears to be a fantasy action film with mammoths.

Finally in the historical round up is Elizabeth the Golden Age. Dear old Caty B giving some elizabethan large in the body of a weak and feeble woman. Nice.

Next up I decided to endulge my particular movie favourites and look for some zombie flicks. Not much about except Resident Evil:Extinction. Vampire flicks fare a little better with two on the way. Saucy bloodsucking with Lucy Liu in Rise: Blood Hunter and splat gore nastyness in 30 days of night. Finally there is I am Legend which, if it's anything like the original should feature some vampire/zombie type chaps. We'll see. I also found a kinda werewolf thing called skinwalkers. Possible another DVD rental.

A couple of monster movies reared their ugly heads (sorry) too. Dragon War looks like a laugh whilst the enigmatically titled 01.18.08 only seems to be a monster film. Looks good though.

Now I've saved the best till last. I do love a good superhero movie and was pleased to see two trailers for new films. The Dark Knight is the second of the new Batman flicks. I was disapointed with the teaser as it patently didn't. And last and most definately not least is Iron Man. Watch the trailer with the volume up and listen to the music as he comes out of the cave. God I hope that plays everytime he's in costume. Awesome, I really can't wait for this one.

Anyway as a reward for sitting through this drivel sit back and worry about the state of my psyche whilst enjoying another Saxon snap. This chap is the last figure from the Duguth 'Casualties and killers' pack.

Stay lucky,

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