Thursday, September 20, 2007

A stern talking to...

This is an open letter to whichever one of the shady GB backroom boys publishes the Havamal page.

Your latest post has gone too far! Even an oblique and shadowy reference to my most bowel-loosening moment of terror is strictly prohibited by the 2004 Evesham agreement!

Now I know Lord S is wont to indulge you and so keeps your true identity from 'Chief of staff' and other employees but the Rev knows who you are and be warned, I'm bunking in with him this weekend and he's been known to get a bit loose lipped once he's got a few bottles of the '65 reserve down him.

I'll have you for this sonny Jim you mark my words.

Yours in fury,

And for the rest of you here is another Saxon green which you may recall from back in May:

Stay lucky,

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