Tuesday, February 12, 2008

End of an Ear'ole


The Saxon cavalry are done. They've been sculpted, packed and delivered but sadly not photographed, I'm afraid you will have to wait for a Beasty advert or the website to see what they look like.

And so, with the completion of the Saxons I now have no further projects for the Beast. All future projects have been suspended for the time being and I'm off to pastures new for a few months. Now don't go reading anything into this, take it at face value. The work is done, I'm sculpting for someone else for a bit, that's all there is to it. I am still, and always will be one of the Beasty boys but like any number of pop stars over the years I'm indulging in a solo career for a bit.

Anyhoo, I got me some work to be getting on with so I'm off. Lets hope these new fellas are as relaxed about deadlines as the Beasty boys!

Stay lucky,


Lord S said...

Eh?!! What!!?? I say! Come along now! I mean, tish, fie and tosh, what!! Isn't it though? Hrummppphh. Baaaaaahhhhh! There are such things as stiff letters to The Times, old fruit.
Just read it again, properly this time and not through an after lunch haze, and I get it now. That's OK. Calming down now. Might have to loosen the old collar though, you gave me a frightful turn there old bean. I mean to say, what?
Right, going to ankle round to The Blue Lotus for a reconstituting mid-afternoon-martini; for the shock, don't you know.

PS Have got nice cav shot - will post upon my return, snooze permitting, before I dress for diner.

Lord S said...

Somewhat disappointingly I can't find the pics I took of Soapy's Early Saxon Cav greens - they're somewhere in the digital wilderness that is the Beast PC. So, instead, here is an Early picture of Soaps Mounted on my mare Saxon, taken a few years back at the stable here at Beast Towers (that's Betty holding the reins)... http://www.grippingbeast.com/photos/saxoncav01.jpg

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking Lord S should, perhaps, lay off the martinis for a spell...

Stephen said...

well at least before the sun is over the yard-arm