Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Now, lets see if we can make Scott Pasha's head explode...


Anonymous said...

Hi Soapy,

Scott will be over the moon, so to speak. Good work and do you have any command photos?


Soapy said...

Wocha Helen,

The command and bombers will follow shortly. Glad you like them.


Scott Pasha said...

awgggwggarrgg... (head explodes)
How will I ever paint them all! Let me know when they're ready.
One thing I really appreciate about the way you operate is how put together full working units (Bombers, MGs, NCOs) instead of leaving us hanging!
Many thanks from your humble Pasha.

richard said...


did the germans give the turks stick grenades?

Soapy said...

I don't know about give them, more like 'inspired the design of'. Having said that, the Ottoman empire did get supplies from her Central powers allies so maybe yes. There are loads of people on the Lead adventures forum who could answer the question more accurately, Tank Girl for one.

Stay lucky

Anonymous said...

Hi Richard,

Here is some info:
Model 1915 Stick Grenade ("the famous potato masher") was designed for offensive operations. For defensive operations, a "Ball" grenade and the smaller "Egg" grenade were developed. All three are displayed here. All are German but also used by the Ottoman Army. They mostly used the ball and egg types.

Hope this helps,


Everett Sharp said...


Gas and tanks (training Mk2) were used at Gaza but both turned out to be a sales for figures wearing gas masks MAY not be purchasers highest priority.

Why failures...the heat dissapated the gas making it innefective

200 degree heat within the Tanks; and they were knackered training models.

Great figures..ordering today.