Thursday, November 27, 2008


Post a comment here if you voted 'other' in the WW1 head sprue poll and state your preference. You can vote for up to three options.



Anonymous said...

Hi Soapy,

This is great news and thanks for the poll.

I've a few questions for you. The tropical feature for the Germans is contained within a number of different headdress an attachments.

For example the Topis can have a neck protector attached to the helmet. This applies to the 'Pork Pie Cap', 'Hussar headdress', 'Ulan','Picklehaulb' and the 'Feldmutze'. Tropics include Middle-East, Meso, Persia, Salonkia and Macedonia. Photos upon request.

If you are looking at tropical ideas then consideration should be considered for all suggestions as well.

Anonymous said...

Oh I nearly forgot. A brodie with neck protection that will be suitable for the Middle-East and Salonkia.



Anonymous said...

Now that I've had a night to dwell over this issue, I remembered your thoughts about Arab Headdress and how difficult this is with separate heads.

So you may need to disregard my ideas and file 13 them :-)


Beccas said...

I really want broad brimmed Aussie slouch hats. The current ones look like hats worn by pensioners down at the lawn bowls.

Anonymous said...

German Uhlan heads and american "Liberty bell" prototype helmets!

Scott Pasha said...

A sprue of Turkish sheepskin caps (Kolpaks? (sp?)) or Topis with neck curtain (if you know what I mean.)

Guido said...

I'm with Tank Girl. Tin hats with neck flaps.

As with the Arab headgear, that might well have to be a complete figure rather than a separate head.

While we're about it, any chance of shirtsleeves and shorts? Tin hat with those would be smashing.

Stirling work. Keep it up, old thing.

Anonymous said...

The figures are great would like to see aussie light horse on foot and horseback

Anonymous said...

would like to see aussie light horse