Friday, January 23, 2009

I am 2

Well here it is, the start of another blogging year and lets hope it's a bit more active than last year huh?

Thanks as always to all of those who visit, be it on a regular basis or just the once, and thanks to those that comment and boost my oh so fragile ego.

Now for the bit that no-one has been waiting for, the statistical breakdown for the year:

Total blog visits last year: 16,673
Of which unique visitors were: 5,929
Usual daily visit total: 54

Most views in a day: 324
Of which unique visitors were: 304
(This was the announcement of the WW1 separate head system for woodbine.)

Top 10 (of 125) referring sites:
Gripping Beast: 5,850
Musketeer Miniatures: 1,318
Dave Woodwoodwoodwoodwood's Blog: 1,311
Lead Adventures forum: 542
Mawdslio's Blog: 511 486
GuitarheroAndy's blog: 430
Tabletop gaming news: 390
Wargames butterfly: 365
TMP: 276

Top 10 (of 65) viewing nations:
UK: 10,012
US: 2,245
Germany: 611
Australia: 590
Sweden: 405
France: 363
Canada: 351
Finland: 309
Poland: 241
Netherlands: 233

So it all seems to be going swimmingly, look how many people I disappoint on a daily basis by not updating more frequently! Lets see if we can't rectify that in the year to come. I doubt it, but lets see...

Next up we have my sculpting out put for the year. Now I haven't totaled this yet and I will see it for the first time as I type it. I'm guessing I won't have hit last years production target and imagine I will be well down on even last years poor numbers. Right here we go...

155 figures or 2.9 a week (last year 173 figures or 3.3 a week)
91 swaps and individual parts made or 1.75 a week (last year 402 head swaps or 7.7 a week)
28 conversions or 0.57 a week (last year 30 conversions or 0.57 a week)

Target set last year 260 so well short! At least the headswap total is well down. Just think how high it would be if we hadn't decided to go with seperate heads for the WW1 stuff.

I think this gives me an idea of my level. Three figures a week on average is pretty poor but with a bit of actual work discipline (more than an hour or two a day as it is now) I might be able to bump that up a bit. Lets be a bit more sensible and go for 200 before the next birthday post.

Of course this year I have slacked off mightily and spent far too much time making models for my lunatic projects like my ever expanding Daemon army and my pet Action Force project. Both of those contain plenty of conversions and scratch builds, not to mention all of the good work hours spent painting and photographing them for my other blogs. Now that the Daemons are all but finished (as they have been three times before I might add, I just keep adding new stuff) and the Action Force anniversary project is out of my system for a bit I should be able to knuckle down and get rocking.

Or maybe not, I am notoriously lazy after all...

A bunch of headless chaps on the workbench are all but done now and will be photographed and posted soon, in fact there are so many partially complete models on the bench at the moment that when they are all finished I'll be a third of the way to my new target. Maybe I can afford that slacking off time after all.

Ta ta for now and see you soon.

Stay lucky,


Mark Hargreaves said...

Many Happy Returns, Soapy. The "terrible twos" are now upon you. A couple of your ANZACs on my blog Do have a shuftie!

Beccas said...

Great to have you back for 09. The bog statistics are amazing. How do you find out that information?

Beccas said...

Opps, bog statistics!!!!! I really don't want to know those.

Soapy said...

Google analytics is the answer. A little line of code slipped into a gadget and popped at the bottom of your blog page and you get all sorts of interesting information.

The number of readers could be even higher as it only tracks page visits and not how many people are reading the blog using things like google reader and the like.

As for the bog habits there are nowhere near as many visits and considerably fewer users...

Stay lucky,

richard said...

very impressive statistics

when don't you start making a living out of this interest and start a membership fee?