Thursday, February 12, 2009

Combat Stress charity miniature.


Now that the official announcement has been made I feel comfortable releasing a few pictures of this miniature.

I was pleased to be asked to produce a miniature to support Holybush House, The ex-serives mental welfare society. Seeing as it fitted in with what I'm doing at the moment I was asked to produce a miniature for the world war one era. Of course back then there was no such term as combat stress, the common term being shell shock. Diagnosis was by no means frequent and the condition was somewhat brushed under the table, many sufferers being sent back to the front with little or no support. It is well known these days that many sufferers were unable to cope with the relentless pressures of the conflict and the reaction of their peers and superiors would be seen today as ruthless and unconcionable. Today the recognition and support available for those suffering is far greater than that available to the fighting man of 90 years ago but there is always more we can do.

The miniature.
As well as a fundraising piece to aid the assistance of current sufferers I chose to make the WW1 model a memorial to those who's condition was unregognised and whose actions called into question. I hope I've managed to pull it off.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Soapy, It looks wonderful!

A very worthy cause an one you should feel very proud.


Mike said...

Beautiful work Soap's you have the pose just right and the miniature gives off an aura of calm and contemplation.

I echo Helens comments above, well done and I hope it makes a lot of money for a worthwhile charity


WABit said...


A very worthy cause and one that I intend to support fully. Jules has come up with a great idea and I can see this raising substantial funds for Hollybush judging by the response the announcement has had on various groups/forums.

A most excellent sculpt too. It really does captures the reminicsent feel you were aiming for.

Great stuff.


Chris Tregenza said...

Absolutely lovely work.

I've blogged about it here:

Soapy said...

Thanks everyone it good to know that there is so much support for the idea. Hats off to Jules for getting things started.


Bill T said...


richard said...

nicely done

The 25mm Warrior said...

Wow, just wow. Being a Veteran myself (I entered Boot Camp just three weeks before 9/11) I salute you for what your doing for us. After reading your blog about it I literally shed a couple of tears and am very touched. Not to mention the figure gave me chills when I saw it. My Great Grandfather wore that uniform.

Suburb job Soapy! Where can I buy your stuff?

Mad Jock Ferret said...


Excellent piece of work, For a fine organisation. Unfortunately their services will be in great demand, now and for the future.

(Currently serving somewhere very warm and dusty)


Mad Jock Ferret