Thursday, February 12, 2009

New WW1 bits


Officers, NCOs and bombers for the Brits and Ottomans in full uniform have been sent off for casting. I managed to misplace the flashdrive with most of the pictures on it so you'll have to make do with these few until the Beasty boys can come up with something.

(Photos show some random heads I had lying around, they look a bit silly without them...)

Sorry, didn't I mention there were Lewis gunner teams? Well there are, two of them.

These are the last WW1 bits before Salute as I have some other bits and bobs to get done in time for that show, there after I want to get a good chunk of the French done as I want to use them in the GB campaign day that I am running at the end of June. What? NO, surely I've mentioned this already? NO? Ah...

Lets just say for now, back end of June, late war western front, one day multi-player campaign day at Beast HQ. I'll gloss over the rest for now but lets pretend you all know the details already and that it will come as no suprise when the details are posted here or on the Beast website.

Anyway I'm off for now.

Stay lucky,


Anonymous said...

Hi Soapy,

Thankyou for showing some of the latest upcoming miniatures. These guys look great an a real tribute to your craft.

I'll look forward to fleshing out my collections in the future in addition to putting on some paint.

I'm also looking forward to painting some of your French as I'm painting some WW1 BH French Zouaves at the moment.

Thanks again,


Scott Pasha said...

With just a slight change (webbing) you've got the bodies and heads needed for dismounted Yeomanry. I look forward to purchasing some figs soon. Any word on bomber Turks in Arab Kefiyahs? I know you sculpted them, but will they be cast in the near future?
Thanks and PLEASE keep up the excellent work!
Scott Pasha

Soapy said...

Dismounted Yeomanry you say? Funny you should mention that, the first 8 riflemen sit part way done on by desk as we speak. Don't yet know where they will fall in the schedule but they are defiantly there.

As for the Arab bombers, once I get back the last sets of bombers NCOs and officers I will be choosing the bodies I like best from all of those currently available and knocking up a pack of each in Arab style. Again the release schedule will be determined by the Beasty boys, that kind of thing is out of my hands.


Scott Pasha said...

Thank You, Sir!
"Defiantly there..." eh, well lets hope so. Thanks for the info. I guess I'll just hold back and send MY money to Soaps. As usual, I'm so impatient my fez is about to pop.
Scott Pasha

Soapy said...

Damn spell checker, and damn me for not reading what it suggested.

Definitely there...

Wanna see?

landser said...

Yo Soapy, You rule,man! Thanks for sculpting some of the most useful and fun to paint figs that I've seen in donkey's years. I can hardly wait to see what you've done for the frenchies...seperate head figs I hope. regards, brian